Monday, June 14, 2010

Freeman's Finally 18!

Friday 11th June was the 18th birthday of my good friend Katie... It was exciting for everyone just because she has been waiting so long to be able to go out with the rest of us! Here are a few snaps from the night...

I really enjoyed the baby photos that were stuck up around the house... She hasn't changed AT ALL...

Freeman getting protective over her food... She still doesn't like to share now!

We had some tasty food and lots of cake which were made by friends... I made the quiche :) heh heh

We also invented some cocktails which were niice... I can't remember what they had in them but it made an interesting colour! And also made our tongues go green!

My furture travel buds :) (minus Katie)
And new maxi dress! yay

We danced and drank in the garden until we headed to town!

Me and the birthday gurl :)

Classic drunk Emma, falls down the stairs after two bottles of wine and the start of a quarter of vodka!
I also have a video of her which I have to show you...

Then off to town to have a good daance :)

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  1. that video is the BEST thing in the universe!!!!! hahahaa carre.
    i didn't know you guys invented those cocktails, they were yummy aNd finally YAY to travels :D!!!