Monday, June 14, 2010

Freeman's Finally 18!

Friday 11th June was the 18th birthday of my good friend Katie... It was exciting for everyone just because she has been waiting so long to be able to go out with the rest of us! Here are a few snaps from the night...

I really enjoyed the baby photos that were stuck up around the house... She hasn't changed AT ALL...

Freeman getting protective over her food... She still doesn't like to share now!

We had some tasty food and lots of cake which were made by friends... I made the quiche :) heh heh

We also invented some cocktails which were niice... I can't remember what they had in them but it made an interesting colour! And also made our tongues go green!

My furture travel buds :) (minus Katie)
And new maxi dress! yay

We danced and drank in the garden until we headed to town!

Me and the birthday gurl :)

Classic drunk Emma, falls down the stairs after two bottles of wine and the start of a quarter of vodka!
I also have a video of her which I have to show you...

Then off to town to have a good daance :)

So... seeing as I should probably be doing some revision right now I thought I'd put up some photos of some recent happenings in my life which I haven't had the chance to post yet...

Saturday 5th June was a pretty lovely day... After finishing work I headed to Charlotte's house where we had some cup cakes and champagne to celebrate her 18th.

We sat on blankets in her garden and ate some cup cakes and drank champagne.


I then headed down to George's house with a few of the girls to celebrate her 22nd which then ended up at the splash for the Sunshine event...

The Lloyd Yates Band played who I always have a good daance to :)

There also happened to be a few birds in the crowd...

Me and George danced at the front to Rob Sawyer (who I was reallyy excited to see because I had randomly found him on Myspace a few years before and was very surprised that he was playing at the Splash!) for most of the night!

Hello Rob Sawyer.

Then we watched Benny & The Moth... At this point I was kinda bored and like 'yeah I could go home now'... But George dragged me back to the dance floor which I was extremely glad about because I totally ended up dancing with Rob Sawyer... heh heh

So we danced A LOT to some reggae tuunes...

Until 2.00 am came around and everyone had to leave the beer soaked dance floor...

So I called Chubbala (boyfriend), who was sleeping in my bed, and he took me home where I had a niice toastie and a cup of tea :) So overall it was a lovely day/evening/night.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Last Days Of School!

Here are a few photos from our last day of JCG when we all went to town to celebrate!

Pretty much the funniest pre-drinks I've had in a while! The 'I have never...' game is always a lot of fun!
My beautiful friends waiting for the bus to town!

Our very amusing bus journey which consisted of the girls singing Shine Jesus Shine (pretty badly)!
The non-JCG girl...who actually thought it was called GCJ...
We finally got to town and headed to Champions to meet the rest of our school friends :)
This was my rather special reunion with Alex and Joe who I hadn't seen in a long while :)
Then off to chambers where we all had a good daaance :)

The next morning our headmaster treated us all to breakfast which was very nice...Although I was a bit late and had nowhere to sit but luckily Emma came and sat with me whilst I ate my full english :)
After that we all went for a stroll along the sea wall...

...which was a lovely ending to our school days. :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Just thought I'd put up a few photos from friday night at Pip's 18th and then later on at the splash...

Yol, Hannah and Emma, on our way to partyyy...!

Camilla and Annie looking a bit sun burnt!
After sitting down to have some food we headed down to the splash to find this...

We all had a good time dancing and watching Two Spot Gobi...

I enjoyed their music a lot :)
And so did Scott...

So... overall it was a pretty good tiiime :)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Here are a few favorites from my Malta shots...