Monday, May 31, 2010

Last Days Of School!

Here are a few photos from our last day of JCG when we all went to town to celebrate!

Pretty much the funniest pre-drinks I've had in a while! The 'I have never...' game is always a lot of fun!
My beautiful friends waiting for the bus to town!

Our very amusing bus journey which consisted of the girls singing Shine Jesus Shine (pretty badly)!
The non-JCG girl...who actually thought it was called GCJ...
We finally got to town and headed to Champions to meet the rest of our school friends :)
This was my rather special reunion with Alex and Joe who I hadn't seen in a long while :)
Then off to chambers where we all had a good daaance :)

The next morning our headmaster treated us all to breakfast which was very nice...Although I was a bit late and had nowhere to sit but luckily Emma came and sat with me whilst I ate my full english :)
After that we all went for a stroll along the sea wall...

...which was a lovely ending to our school days. :)


  1. love those photos of tamsin, you really capture the best moments finn!!

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